10 Simple Ways to Decrease Challenging Behaviors 

Much to teachers’ collective dismay, there’s no magic wand for behavior management (although if there was, it would likely look remarkably similar to the Elder Wand featured in Harry Potter, don’t you think?).

Fortunately, experts do agree that the most effective way to decrease challenging behaviors is to increase social competetence — which begins with developing (and maintaining) positive relationships with children.

At the most recent meetings of the WNY Behavior Collaboration, early childhood professionals worked together to create a simple tool that teachers can use to reflect on best practices and make small (but meaningful!) immediate changes to their classrooms.

To learn more about the 10 simple things you can do to decrease challenging behaviors, click here:

Develop Meaningful Relationships with Children in Your Classroom

More easy-to-use tools are in the works and will be posted here as they are finalized. Until then, maybe we’ll keep working on that wand idea, too 🙂

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