Trauma-Informed Care

Three things happened today to give me a very clear message that it’s time to talk about trauma.

  1. I had the pleasure of hearing Holly Elissa Bruno speak at an early childhood conference today and she mentioned her most recent article, Transforming Trauma into Wisdom.
  2. Earlier the same day, a colleague shared a report on Oprah Winfrey’s recent focus on developmental trauma; she reminded me to approach interactions with a “what happened to this child” mentality versus “what’s wrong with this child?”
  3. The local Child Care Resource Network announced details about a screening of Resilience, the Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope.

Truth, just as trauma,

is everywhere;

so is healing.

Trauma-informed care is arguably an essential training topic for every early childhood educator. The core principles of a trauma-informed approach include safety, trust, and collaboration; not surprisingly, those same principles drive early childhood best practices overall. We are in the business of nurturing little hearts and minds, so we have an obligation to nurture them with love and kindness.

Not sure where to start? Knowledge is power – and knowledge guides practice.

Access the PDF here:

Click to access Broken-into-Wholeness.pdf

Access the report here:

Learn more about a film screening and panel discussion here:

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