New Year, New Opportunities

Happy New Year! Goal setting, resolutions, and promises to “do better” seem to go hand-in -hand with the beginning of a new year.

If you’re looking to add new tools to your behavior management skill set in 2017, be sure to check out our local Events page.  An opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals might be exactly what you need to ignite (or refresh!) your passion, your patience, and your limitless potential!



Don’t Stop Believin’

More than just a cheesy (albeit catchy!) 80’s song, “don’t stop believing” should be every teacher’s mantra.

  • Believe that children have unlimited potential.
  • Believe that challenging behavior is an unmet need,  not an act of defiance.
  • Believe that meaningful change takes time and consistent effort.
  • Believe that every interaction is a choice to either make a moment, or break a spirit.
  • Believe in yourself — and in every child who’s relying on you to be his role model.

New Tools to Help You Address (and Prevent!) Challenging Behaviors

Video Conferences, Local Events, and Facebook Fun – oh my!


“Tell me what to do instead.”

 When you’re a preschooler who is running in the hallway, pushing a friend, or exhibiting other challenging behaviors, sometimes all you need is an adult who is willing to teach you a more appropriate alternative. Put simply, some children are begging adults, “Tell me what to do instead!”

This simple one-page PDF is full of realistic examples of positive language, with tips for tone and word choice. What a terrific addition to your toolbox!

NYS Pyramid Model Partnership

While there’s no “one size fits all” solution for challenging behaviors, there’s one  tried and true approach that’s proven to be helpful — boosting children’s social emotional competence.

 The Pyramid Model is an evidence-based model focused on strong relationships and social-emotional development — and the NYS Pyramid Model Partnership is committed to helping you access, understand, and apply the pyramid-related supports!

To learn more about the pyramid model partnership, including a complete schedule of upcoming trainings throughout the state, click here:

Struggling with Power Struggles?

A wise mentor once told me that I didn’t have to attend every fight I was invited to; that advice has proven to be useful in parenting and teaching alike — in fact, it’s helpful at work, in marriage, and pretty much in all aspects of life. Yet, I have to admit that few words can push my buttons like: “Why?…But why?…Why not?..You can’t make me!” – especially in the classroom.

To avoid engaging in power struggles, it’s helpful for me to remember that “When children are defiant, their goal is not to annoy, disrespect, or frustrate us. Rather, their goal often is to feel significant.” It’s also helpful to have lots of tools in my toolbox:

We’re interested in hearing from you,too. How do *you* prepare for those moments when the #struggleisreal?